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Referendum Commission

Referendum Commission

The Southern Sudan Referendum Commission is an independent body that will oversee preparations for a referendum on whether Southern Sudan would secede from the rest of the country.

On Monday 28th of June 2010 the Sudanese Parliament approved the appointment of the South Sudan Referendum Commission.

Members of the commission include:

•    Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil (Chairman of the commission)
•    Chan Rieth Madut (Deputy Chairman who will also be the Chairman of High Committee for Referendum in Southern Sudan)
•    Madam Suaad Ibrahim (member)
•    Deng Awur Wenyin, (member)
•    Lual Chany Chuol (member)
•    Rt Lt. Gen. Tariq Osman Al-Tahir (member)
•    Paulino Wanawill Unango (member)
•    Sebit Alle Abbe (member)
•    Rt Lt. Gen. Kamal Ali Mohamed Saleh (member)

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